Ross Il forn (SERVES 4)

In a pot, fry the onions with some olive oil till translucent, add
bacon, and mince.

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Stuffed Pork Flank (Falda tal-Majjal Mimlija)

Pork is a thin meat which in this recipe is stuffed with various ingredients in order to flavour it up. The Maltese sausage help enhance and give it a unique taste.

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Smokin’ Chipotle Pork Stew – by Georgina Lawrence

A hot spicy Pork Stew with rice submitted by Georgina Lawrence

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Pork Stew - Smokin’ Chipotle Pork Stew - Georgina Lawrence

Stuffat bil-pulpetti tal-majjal by Tony

Pork Stew – Stuffat tal-Majjal bil-Pulpetti
This is one of my favorite Maltese stews, to really appreciate this disk make sure you have some fresh Maltese bread handy 🙂

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Pork Stew by Linda Speight

Ingredients: 500grams diced lean pork; 1 large onion thinly sliced; 2 cloves chopped garlic; 1 green capsicum; 1 tin chopped tomatoes; 2 teaspoons tomato puree; 250 mls stock; 2 tablespoons plain flour; 1 teaspoon salt; 1 level tablespoon of paprika; 1 bayleaf; 1 teaspoon sugar; grating of nutmeg; a little oil…

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Pork Stew by Linda Speight for Maltese Food Cooking Club

A delicious pork stew with bacon and apples by Ruth

Ingredients – 6 n Juniper Berries, 600 g Pork Loin, 3 n Apple, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt to taste, Speck 50 g, Thyme, 1 n Onion, 1/2 Lt. Vegetable Soup, 200g frozen peas….

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Pork Spare Ribs with White Wine & Herbs by Graziella

Ingredients for 4 persons – 1kg of spare ribs (3 pieces p/p), 4tbs Olive Oil, 1 Large Onion, 1 tsp Rosemary (if using fresh 1 sprig), 1 tsp Thyme (if using fresh 2 sprig), 1 tsp Sage   (if using fresh 5 leaves), A bit of Chilli   (Optional), 1tsp Fennel Seeds, 1 Glass of Dry White Wine, 1 beef stock pot (Knorr)…..

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Succulent Pork stew by Sandra Attard

Ingredients – 500 grams Pork Fillet, 3 celery sticks, A cup flour (with a pinch of salt & pepper) to coat  the pork, 1 onion (cut in half and half again (width way) and sliced, 4 Bay leaves, Rosemary, 2 cloves garlic, 1 cup white wine, 1 cup vegetable stock, Some parsley for garnishing…

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Majjal Bhal Fil-Forn by Patricia Azzopardi

Majjal Bhal Fil-Forn is an old way of cooking pork without using the oven. Same like Patata l’forn but cooked on the stove or in the old days (kenur) to save on fuel. My nanna, mum and me we still cook this on winter days, I add what’s in season, like this time I added apple, cranberries, sultana and green winter cabbage, got same character like patata l’forn with the fennel seeds and onions.

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Pork Stew by Kenny

Shopping list – 800g maltese pork fillet, 2 large maltese potatos, 1 large Onion, 1 large Mango (peeled and the bone taken out), 1 whole head of maltese garlic, 1 small glass dry french Brandy….

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Qarabaghli mimli fil-forn – Stuffed Marrows

Stuffed marrows can be taken with broth,but they can also be baked and served with some delicious oven baked potatoes as a main plate. It doesn’t take long to make this recipe and it is also healthy due to its ingredients.

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Stuffat tal-Majjal – Pork Stew

Cut the onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes into small pieces. Then fry the olive oil for a few minutes. Slice the pork and bacon into cubes and put them in the frying pan with the olive oil. Insert the tomato paste and wine and stir well.

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Ftira bil-majjal

Start by sauteing the onions in some oil,add garlic,nutmeg and Pork. Do not cook the pork through, as it will finish off cooking in the oven. Before switching off the gas, add fresh basil…

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