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If you want to experience authentic Maltese cooking you need to eat in a Maltese home, where Maltese food recipes have been handed by word of mouth over many generations. Maltese food has evolved over thousands of years, influenced by the many cultures brought over by foreign powers who at one time or another occupied or traded with Malta. This foreign influence mixed with Indigenous peasant food, which  was mainly based on local vegetable produce since most farm animals were  kept to produce milk and eggs or help on the farm.

Cooking in Malta and Gozo is very important in our way of life, and family meals have survived the changes in Malta’s social fabric. This recipe collection aims to bring together a wide selection of Maltese food recipes including soups (Sopop), meat and poultry (laħam),pies (torot) bread (ħobż), pasta vegetables, sweets (ħelu), and sauces (zlazi). We are also trying to group these recipes by course or by occasion.

We are continuously add more Ricetti on a daily basis, hoping to make this one of the biggest online repositories of Maltese food recipes. If you would like to send us any of your own Maltese Food Recipies including recipes handed over by your grandparents (riċetta tan-Nanna) please email us at

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