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Spinach and Tuna Pie – Torta tal-Ispinaci u t-Tonn

There is nothing better than a good golden brown baked pie. A culinary delight for everyone with a weakness for pastry.

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Stuffed Rabbit Loin with a bean cassoulette – by Tony Farrugia

This recipe shows you an nontraditional way of cooking rabbit. It is a combination of rabbit, meat, vegetables and ham which help enhance the rabbit’s taste.

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You can either have the kawlata as a single course dish – thick stew with crusty Maltese bread. Alternatively just before serving you can remove the meat, first eating a more liquid version of the stew (simpley add a bit … Read More

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RED ONION PARCELS (or Tordelli) – by Patricia Azzopardi

Tordelli are similiar to ravioli, except that they have plain edge- rather than the fluted edge like ravioli.

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Lobster Ravioli

Unlike the crab and prawn ravioli, this recipe consists of lobster. Though it contains a certain number of ingredients it is worth it to taste the end result.

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Crab and prawn ravioli – By Patricia Azzopardi

For this recipe it would be best if you use fresh prawns, however frozen prawns can also be used though they should be cold and dry before going into the processor. Unlike the ravioli we are used to, these types … Read More

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Spinach, bacon & potato soup – By Patty Azzopardi

This is a healthy vegetable soup, whose taste is enhanced due to the bacon, seasoning and cheese. It is easy to make and can be taken as a starter before a main course meal. It contains iron, potassium and some … Read More

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Stuffat bil-pulpetti tal-majjal by Tony

Pork Stew – Stuffat tal-Majjal bil-Pulpetti This is one of my favorite Maltese stews, to really appreciate this disk make sure you have some fresh Maltese bread handy 🙂

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