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Ilovefood.com.mtA Maltese Gastronomic Portal

Attention all food loving visitors, enthusiasts, cooks, manufacturers and restaurant-goers! If you love food but more importantly Maltese Food, you have come to the right place.  We want to invite you to get to know more about our project, whether you are visiting Malta and keen to enjoy and experiment with typical Maltese cuisine, live on the island and would like to share a Maltese recipe, or own a local restuarnat or  argi-tourisim  business.

Ilovefood.com.mt is an online portal dedicated to Maltese food, packed with fun information and resources for locals, tourists, and Maltese living abroad.  Apart from providing hundreds of recipes of Maltese Food for occasion, interactive discussion boards, and a useful online booking system, our aim is to promote Maltese culture and lifestyle through its appetizing cuisine.

Our initiative has been very well-received, with thousands of local and international fans on our Facebook page and many varied topics from different members on our discussion boards.  The website is constantly gaining popularity, and the more people get involved, the more interesting and exciting the whole concept will become!

Apart from our website, we have information kiosks at various heritage sites in Malta, giving tourists a varied and more enjoyable experience.  Additionally, we have created an interactive CD which will give you the opportunity to access and keep all of the website’s resources offline.  If you want to find out more about all three of our project ideas, keep reading!

The Website

Ilovefood.com.mt is our main portal for all of the content we offer, and the starting point for the many exciting ideas we have launched.  No matter what you are looking for – recipes, restaurant ideas, gastronomic event dates or anything else related to food here in Malta, you will not be disappointed! Our monthly online newsletter, “Il – Borma”, gives you targeted and useful information, recipes and features about seasonal Maltese Food specialities. As you can see from the varied monthly events, festas and seasonal produce, you can enjoy Maltese Food delicacies all year round!

The website provides hundreds of Maltese recipes for any food type, course or occasion.  From beef to chicken, bread to soups, if you’d like some cooking ideas, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice.  And if you are a tourist or you live abroad, what better way to experience the Maltese culture than cook and taste authentic Maltese food first hand? Recipes are added on a daily basis and anyone is open to submit their own recipes for us to include.

Apart from our broad range of Maltese recipes, we have included a calendar of events having to do with Maltese gastronomy and culture for foreigners and locals alike.  This encompasses our whole idea of the experience of Maltese culture from many different angles.  Additionally, our ‘Features’ section includes detailed pages on important Maltese historical events or feasts, paying attention to all of the interesting details including food and beverage.  We have even created mini-websites for various Heritage Malta museums with historical information, details and photographs, giving you a good idea what you will see and some interesting facts to take with you.

Our discussion board is a great place to share recipes or ask and answer questions.  Moreover, our Facebook page which has thousands of local and international fans, is constantly being updated with all of the members’ recipes and photographs or anything they would like to share.  This was created before our official website opening and even then was a huge success, being the first page of its kind on the popular social platform.

Probably the most unique aspect of our site is our online shop which sells various Maltese food items which are not available overseas.  Our international delivery is accessible to anyone interested in the items we offer, but particularly popular amongst Maltese people living abroad who crave Maltese delights such as the well-known Twistees, Qubbajd, Ghasel, Gbejniet and Maltese cookery Books just to mention a few!

Information Kiosks

At ilovefood.com.mt we realize that as a tourist here in Malta, it is important and much more satisfying to understand Maltese culture from all angles.  What makes our website so particular is that we point you towards all of the interesting cultural sites and events that can go hand-in-hand with the experience of traditional Maltese cuisine.

We have decided to install various Information Kiosks at different Heritage Malta historical sites and museums across the Maltese islands.  Every kiosk will not only include information about the respective site where it is located, but also interesting gastronomic information like traditional restaurants and food establishments close by, as well as various popular Maltese food recipes.

There really is nothing better than ending your afternoon at an exquisite historic palace with a traditional Maltese dinner within walking distance, all the while booking your place at an interesting tour or event happening a few days later! Through the Info Kiosks.

Interactive CD

The interactive CDr is the ultimate Malta Souvenir for any food lover. On this CD you will find information about Maltese Gastronomy, Traditional and popular Maltese recipes, and information about various Historic and cultural venues all over Malta and Gozo. This CDr is available for purchase from the site’s Online site and from all Heritage Malta museums.

Enjoy our project and Maltese Food!

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