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I suppose this should be called Chicken Soup rather than Chicken Broth.  We still call it Broth even though we do not strain it and turn it into a Consomme.  You can make Brodu with chicken, beef a...
Laham fuq il-Fwar, that is, steamed beef, is a very popular and traditional Maltese recipe.  Chicken Broth and this dish go hand in hand.  I remember my mother preparing the chicken and veg for the...
Caponata,  a Sicilian and also a Maltese Dish must not be confused with the French Ratatouille.  Both use aubergine, but Caponata is flavored with sugar and vinegar whilst in Ratatouille, these ing...
Since diagnosed, I do not recall how many times I tried making gluten free pizza dough, always with the hope that it will taste like the authentic gluten pizza I was so used to.  Until I made this o...
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Breakup the bread into small pieces, place in a bowl with milk and soak for 30 – 60 mins, combine rest of ingredients and mix well pour into a slice tray and
decorate with almonds …