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  • This is a recipe I was given and tried.

    Make sure snails are clean and well fasted (sawmin u nodfa) Wash at least twice in very salty water
    Boil in salty water or sea water
    In a pot big enough to hold the snails
    fry onion and garlic
    Add snails
    Add tomatoes pulp
    habaq (basilico)
    naniegh (mint)
    salt and pepper
    black olives
    and a bottle of lacto
    add a tbsp of tomatoe paste
    1 tsp sugar
    Hp Sauce and Worchestershire sauce

    Wet Galletti just enough water to make soft
    chop very finely garlic and onion
    olive oil
    Mash all together and serve with snails

    Enjoy ;o)

    Posted on 18:47 on 20 March
  • Bebbux with Aljoli
    wash and cook the snails as above.
    When snails are cooked drain and leave to cool for a while.
    When cool, with a tooth pick pull the snails out and remove the back part which is round
    In the meantime prepare the aljoli:
    Turn day old maltese bread into breadcrumbs and add loads of garlic, parsley, and some olive oil, pepper and a pinch of salt. When the bread is ready, mix the snails into the mixture and put in the fridge for a while.
    This is eaten with a fork and not messy at all. Enjoy!

    Posted on 13:14 on 03 April
  • Thanks for the recipe! My father used to make them when we lived in Malta. In the states, we can't find "fresh bebbux". We can buy them in cans, stuff them in shells, bake them for a short while and serve the aljoli. I guess I have to come back to Malta to eat some.

    Posted on 14:21 on 03 April
  • yeah… perhaps one day when you come…. let me know beforehand and will let you know which place is best to eat them…..sorry I cannot post some bebbus to you hahah

    Posted on 14:26 on 03 April
  • to be honest I've eaten the best in Mgarr….. but this is only my opinion for there must be other places too…

    Posted on 18:27 on 04 April
  • My mother uses the same recipe{of judith} but omitting last three ingredients,and adds potatoes and a bay leaf

    Posted on 14:15 on 13 October
  • Hi! I bought some snails on the farmer’s market. Are they ready to cook or should I fast them first? Thanks!

    Posted on 10:49 on 14 July
  • They would be fasted already. Keep them as you bought them in a cool dry place until ready to cook. You will know because when they are hibernating they are in the shell and will have a protective membrane, which will come out during washing. Use anyone of the above recipes.

    Posted on 14:48 on 17 July
  • I agree with Evelyn. The best bebbux I’ve tasted is from United in Mgarr. For all the work it takes, it is worth going there and finding them ready to eat. They also make an excellent Maltese platter.

    Posted on 12:04 on 27 September

    Posted on 11:38 on 14 October
  • Hi Gorg, My nanna used to prepare the Octopus stew and then wash bebbux in sea water then boils the snails and half way through she used to add some curry, mixed spice and worcestershire sauce then when they are coocked she used to let them cool down, take the bebbux out of their shells and mix them in with the octopus stew. lovely and delicious, she used to prepare this recipe every Good Friday.

    Posted on 7:42 on 11 November
  • I’m cooking bebbux right now, I usually ad to it fish cube, oxo chicken cube, onions, garlic, basil, mint, marjoram, lacto, curry, mixed spice, worcestershire sauce, red wine, some sugar, tomato pulp and at the end some Kinnie (it works wonders) and then I serve them in their shells and as side dishes I have aljoli, tuna and potato mash, boiled potatoes with mayo, jerusalem artichokes, fresh Maltese Bread with Kunserva, bigilla and gozo cheeselets……. For me this is the best meal ever, fit for a king 🙂

    Posted on 7:46 on 11 November
  • I agree Analise that it is the best meal ever. Next time I will try it your way.

    Posted on 23:53 on 28 March