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  • A few months ago I was at a wedding and as things go about, we started talking about Maltese Bread, our traditional Hobza. As we discussed the Hobza the subject came up of how the Hobza seems to be changing, and wether it was time to start a movement in order to protect the traditional Maltese loaf by ensuring that this continues to be made in its traditional form.
    So I am curious. is there in fact a standards commission in place to protect this bread?
    If there is how do they go about maintaining standards?

    Posted on 17:22 on 20 October
  • This also happened to the pastizzi a few years ago. We came for a visit and all we could see were round pastizzi done in flaky pastry… what a disappointment !.. On our last visit we noticed that there was a re-surgance of good old fashioned pastizzi. We do find them in Canada but not necessarily to the calibre or tradionalism of our beautiful island. So here’s hoping that when we visit next year we do NOT find our Hobza lost too… there is nothing like that crust ….eaten with ful and gobon….so if there is a band wagon that needs to be jumped on, let me know.. you’ll find me jumping

    Posted on 14:03 on 22 October
  • Tunajja Bakery, 90, St Mary Street,Zejtun. Mob No:99465415

    Specializes in Traditional Maltese Bread & Ftajjar cooked in our 300 year old traditional oven known as l-Forn Tal-Qiegha jew tal-Hatab. Plus a variety of daily freshly baked cakes and sweets. Suppliers to supermarkets, restaurants and confectionaries. Open all week.


    Posted on 20:27 on 02 December
  • Jien ili zmien twil ma nsib nixtri hobz malti sura ta’ nies. Wasal iz-zmien li niprotegu l-hobza maltija qabel ma jkun tard wisq.

    Posted on 9:23 on 16 March
  • I agree with you Mary Rose.It happen to us too,every time we went to a cafe in Regina square at Valletta the pastizi were terrible. There is a cafe in Melliha he”s got good pastizzi, it has been 2 years now and i can’t remember the name.

    Posted on 3:37 on 22 March
  • Under European law you can only get Cornish Pasties from Cornwall and French wine like Champagne is also regionally protected. Malta could protect its best food under European law and make it a tourist attraction.

    Posted on 8:56 on 29 April
  • I would love the recipe for Maltese bread I have been living in England for fifty years and I still miss Maltese bread

    Posted on 19:14 on 29 August