Wignacourt Tower

This Tower was built by the Grand Master Adolf de Wignacourt and is found in the centre of St. Paul’s Bay, re-established thanks to Din l-Art Helwa in 1976. It was constructed in 1610 for defensive purposes. Everyone is entitled to go and see this tower which nowadays is also considered a small museum. It is open everyday from:-

Mondays – 10am to 1pm
Tuesdays – 10am to 1pm
Wednesdays – 10am to 1pm
Thursdays – 10am to 1pm
Fridays – 10am to 1pm
Saturdays – 10am to 1pm
On the first Sunday of each month – 9am to 12pm

For more information:
Din l-Art Helwa
133 Melita Street
Valletta VLT 1123
Tel: +356 21225952
Fax: +356 21220358
Email: info@dinlarthelwa.org

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