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How to flavour olive oil using fresh herbs

Mix together all or a selection of the above ingredients to achieve a delicious infused olive oil.  Experiment with amounts as they will vary according to taste.

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Tuffieh bl-imsiemer tal-qronfol – Cooked Apples with Cloves

Start the day with a stewed apple to build appetite for lunch, stimulate regular bowel movements, increase vitality and alertness, and provide a light but satisfying start to the day.

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Qassatat with low fat pastry

These Qassatat are made with half white flour and half brow flour, olive oil and water. No butter or any margarine in site.

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Ross Il forn (SERVES 4)

In a pot, fry the onions with some olive oil till translucent, add bacon, and mince.

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Gluten Free Nut Cake by Patricia Azzopardi

Place whole fruit and nuts in bowl, then stir in ground almonds and baking powder.

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Gbejniet By Georgina Lawrence

How to make your own Gbejniet?

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Vegetable Frittata with rocket leaves

This can be done with any veg that cooks quick and good together all veg running in freezer or fridge

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Torta tal-Marmurat – Almond and Chocolate pie

The Torta tal-Marmurat (Almond and Chocolate pie) is a Maltese tart that was once traditionally baked on a wedding day.

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Kif taraf li l-hut jkun frisk – How to make sure that the fish is fresh

How to you ensure that the fish is fresh?
1) eyes are clear and slightly embossed and not recessed…… Read More

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Malji tar-Randan by Lara farrugia

This is a Recipe especially made for the period of lent. Originally, it is an Orthodox recipe but I adopted it and forming it as ‘ Malji tar-Randan’.

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