Zingy Fresh Salad

Sometimes, all you crave is a massive, spicy, zingy salad, full of colour and fresh, crisp, raw veggies. In Malta, there is a wealth of wonderful local ingredients – but this is easy to replicate whereever you are.

First slice some organic chicken breast thinly and marinate with the juice and zest from a lemon and a touch of olive oil, scattered with sea salt and crushed black pepper.

Then create a massive salad;

  • mix watercress,
  • rocket and baby spinach (or whatever fresh local leaves you fancy – radicchio adds a good bite and chicory is also lovely as is sliced fennel) in a bowl.
  • Peel and dice a carrot,
  • add a diced tomato or two
  • and some diced cucumber.
  • Add some sliced roasted peppers (the Pelagonia range are good),
  • some marinated, sliced artichoke hearts,
  • capers,
  • sun-dried tomatoes,
  • olives,
  • chopped silver skin onions,
  • chopped preserved lemons
  • sliced cornichons. To give the salad an extra kick, add some finely chopped jalapeño. You could add toasted pine nuts or pistachios or salted, crushed almonds and sultanas if you fancy too.

Ta Mena on Gozo supply wonderful capers, oils, sundried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and oils. I really recommend them as a local supplier. The oil from The Cliffs at Dingli is also good.

Dress it with fresh lemon juice, Lemon Oil and some good Jerez sherry vinegar, sea salt and pepper.

Brown the chicken and pile on top of the salad.

Serve with some fresh, crusty bread – Maltese if you can get it!

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