Roasted Spring Sea Bass

Today, a recipe for sea bass, a made-up dish as I was inspired by Nigel Slater. Sea Bass fillets, one per person, rested skin down, on a few sliced leeks, chopped garlic and fennel seeds.
On top, a melange of zest of lemon and juice, trimmings from spring onions, baby carrots and halved cherry tomatoes, with a few sliced mushrooms. Saffron then sprinkled over, which releases the most wonderful fragrance as they cook, turning the sea bass a delicate orangey yellow and a little sprinkle of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. 15 minutes in a relatively hot oven is all it needs. 

Served with pan fried potatoes, with garlic, chilli and chopped Swiss chard (or spinach) crisped in duck fat from or olive oil,  with an added hint of Chinese 7-spice powder releasing an extra depth of flavour; salad of fresh grated baby kohl rabi and red onion and fresh-podded peas with lemon juice, Extra Virgin Olive oil and a splash of sherry vinegar.

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