Ricotta Pie; my Aunty Margaret’s recipe – and variations!

So when away from Malta, one thing that we love that reminds us of the islands and family, is Ricotta Pie. My Aunty Margaret makes a great version – so here is her recipe, with some of the additions we make!

Aunty Margaret’s traditional Maltese Ricotta Pie

Preheat the oven to the temp stated on the pastry! Yes, use shop bought – far too hot in Malta (usually) to make it from scratch every day! I prefer short crust pastry with this, but you can use puff if you like. Just make sure its good quality!

Mix a tub of fresh ricotta with 3 fresh, free-range organic eggs. Add sea salt, grated pepper to taste. Add a good cup full of defrosted frozen peas. Line a large buttered baking dish with the pastry, add the Ricotta mix and top the pie with pastry. Crimp the edges and cut a couple of slits in the top.

Glaze the pie with egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds across the top. Bake.

Eat hot from the oven, warm or at room temp. Serve with green salad or as picnic food!

We like this pie a lot and often have it at home. The following are variations that we often play with. To the ricotta mix (minus the peas) add;

1: cooked, chopped and drained spinach and nutmeg. Maybe some very finely chopped cooked onions (not brown) and a little chilli!

2: cooked finely chopped onions, garlic and chorizo cubes.

3: garlic, prosciutto snips (or good smoked bacon) and double-podded baby broad beans

4: a layer of sliced tomatoes on top of the ricotta mix

5: not tried it yet, but I am sure cooked sliced courgettes would also work especially with a little fresh chilli!

6: onion seeds mixed with the sesame and chilli flakes or Paprika also look nice on top.

Just see what you have and enjoy!

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