Maltese Version of Scouse! (Well I am Maltese and I live near Liverpool!)

Posh Scouse: this is basically a very delicious lamb  stew that works best with Mutton  (or hogget – a lamb older than one year but younger than 2; that’s mutton!) with all the tough bits removed.  You will need about 2kg of raw meat.

Start with a big casserole – I love mine. A present. It’s an American cast iron one and weighs a ton even before you start cooking but makes amazing stews! 

Ok – back to the recipe. This is very non traditional and will probably have real scoucers frowning but it’s how I do it.

  • Poor a glug of oil into the casserole (which is on the hob of course!) 
  • add the mutton which has been dredged in flour. You’ll need to do this in stages and when browned, 
  • set aside. 
  • Once all the mutton is browned, 
  • add a sliced onion, 
  • chopped clove of garlic and a big bunch of sage to the pot to sweat a little (some celery also works if you have it to hand).

Meanwhile peel about 8 large carrots and the same of potatoes and cut them into good sized chunks. About 2cm is about right so they don’t cook too fast. Add the meat back to the pot and mix well.

Now add half a bottle of white wine – yep, white wine! I did say ‘posh’ Scouse!
Top up with some lamb stock if you have it, if not, some hot water is fine. You want the liquid to just cover the ingredients but not swamp them.
Add a good grind of black pepper and some good quality rock salt.

Pop into a low oven (around gas mark 2 or 3) for about 3-4 hours until the meat is tender. The house will smell amazing. Put aside and wait for 24 hours before eating!!! It really does taste better.

To serve, reheat the Scouse in the oven for about 45 minutes. Taste before serving and adjust seasoning if you need.

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