Grey Mullet, fusion rub, fusion meal

Hello all. Thank you for reading! I am really looking forward to sharing some of my recipes and food thoughts with you – hope they inspire you to try some new things! Let me know if the recipes work, or don’t, or if you need more detail!

Today is very cold and dark here in the UK; hard to believe just a week ago we were lunching al fresco in the beautiful, balmy sun in Malta! This trip was not so great for fresh fish; a combination of the Christmas and New Year holidays and rather windy days. I did however learn that Grey Mullet is farmed in Malta… So a Grey Mullet (Mullett) recipe will be my first!

I’ve never cooked Grey Mullet before but I am very lucky and have great local fishmongers, Nigel and Simon at Wards in Birkenhead Market. They even try and source Lampuki for me. They always supply the freshest fish, and their Grey Mullet was no exception.

Strong flavours they recommended. So make a paste rub as follows!

Take an inch long stick of fresh lemon grass, two cloves garlic, some fresh ground pepper, a good glug of olive oil, a dash of sea salt, a little fresh or dried chilli to your taste and the juice and zest of a lovely local lemon. Put everything into either a pestle and mortar, or use a hand held blender to make a thick paste. Place four steaks of the fish into an oven proof dish, smear over the paste liberally, and scatter a few capers over the top.

Set aside for 30 minutes (Longer is fine in the fridge and 15 minutes is good if you are short on time!).

Meanwhile, chop some uncooked chorizo sausage and finely slice some potatoes (the thinner the better – a mandolin works well as does a slicing attachment on a mixer) and then add black pepper. Pan fry the potatoes in the oil that the chorizo releases with minimal turning so you get a nice golden crust.

The fish takes 15 minutes in a high oven (200c / Gas 7 or 8) and should be just cooked through.

A few green green peas work perfectly, or perhaps a green salad.

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