Froga with leftover pasta – worth waiting for!

This is a blast from my childhood that is a firm family favourite. A Maltese classic, which is very popular in Sicily too.

I know there are particular ways to make Froga (or Targa Moqlija) and these wonderful recipes are posted elsewhere on this site. Our family Froga is the best way to use up leftover pasta dushes, especially spaghetti, angel hair or other long stringy types! All you need is pasta and some sauce, some Parmesan and eggs. Parsley too if you like. Most sauces will work, except carbonara sauce – too much egg!

Simply mix some eggs, as if for an omelette, add them to the cooked pasta and sauce. You need enough egg for a wet mix; too little and it just won’t set. Mix it all really well, add a heap of Parmesan (and parsley). Fry gently in olive oil until the bottom is really crispy. Turn over (just slide onto a plate and flip) and crisp the other side. Cook slowly, don’t rush it.

It’s best as a wedge, served warm, crispy, with a green salad.

Almost better than pasta fresh cooked, I often make extra for Froja! It’s so easy and wonderful not to waste good food!

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