Chicken goujons / Milanese / in breadcrumbs…

Easiest thing in the world to make your own chicken in breadcrumbs whatever you then call it!

Start with the best quality chicken breast you can get – preferably free-range and organic as you can really taste the difference. I usually use three chicken breasts which makes dinner for the three of us, and enough for another dinner in the week.

Get a meat hammer and either a ziplock bag or a large piece of cling-film. Put the chicken in the bag / between the cling-film. Beat each chicken breast so it’s about half a centimetre thick and flat!

If making a dinner for friends that looks really impressive, leave the chicken breast whole – each breast should be thin enough to almost cover a plate. If serving dinner for the family including young ones, I usually cut up the breasts into very random pieces. I’m always amazed at how much it makes!

To cook, get a little production line going! At the left, the raw chicken; next a bowl with a couple of beaten free-range eggs; next a large plate onto which pour a generous helping of breadcrumbs, quite fine but it’s nice to have some larger crumbs for added crunch and texture. Add a good shake of sweet pimenton, salt, pepper and Italian herbs to the breadcrumbs. Last on the right, place a large plate to hold the breaded chicken before cooking.

Prepare a large frying pan with some good quality oil. It will need to be quite hot when ready to fry – not smoking, but shimmering!

To assemble, dip the chicken in the egg with one hand and drop onto the breadcrumbs. With the other hand make sure the chicken is well coated with crunchy bits and set onto the plate ready to cook. Keep going until all pieces are coated.

Cook in small batches – they don’t take very long to do so keep a watch on them. They also freeze really well once cooked and heat up perfectly (defrost first!). You can keep them warm in the oven while you cook them all.

Serve with rocket salad and lemon juice wedges. Home-made oven baked chips if you are really hungry!

Perfect, crunchy loveliness.

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