Blood Orange, Tomato and Chicory salad

We love salads in our house. Beautiful sun-ripened ingredients make a glorious salad. In the fridge,
some wonderful stripy red and green and yellow Italian tomatoes on the vine from Natoora.
I’d also managed to get some fantastic blood oranges which always remind me of Malta, though they are hard to get here.
Crisp red chicory makes up the third of my key ingredients for the core of the salad
along with some
marinated artichokes,
capers and
some rocket and watercress and a little pan-fried chorizo and baby potatoes. Mix the lot up, chopped, sliced and arranged to your taste.

Dressing made from fresh lemon juice, lemon oil, sea salt, black pepper and a sprinkle of sumac.

Red, refreshing, reviving.

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