Torta tal-qarabagħli (courgette flan)

Torta tal-qarabagħli

300g olive oil pastry (look for recipe in the blog);  fry till golden one large chopped onion,100g chopped back bacon, 2 thinly sliced large courgettes.  Season well and add some grated nutmeg. Cool.  Line a dish with the pastry, scatter some breadcrumbs on the base, add the courgette mixture, add some mashed ricotta mixed with 1 mashed fresh ġbejna (cheeselet), some chopped parsley;  beat well 6 large eggs and add one mugful of milk, mix well.  Season.  Pour the egg mixture on top of everything and scatter one grated dried white ġbejna and 100g grated cheddar.  Cook in a moderate oven (150 fan electric) for about 45 minutes or till well risen and golden brown.




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