Torta tal-pastard, ġbejniet friski u ful! (Cauliflower, fresh cheeselets and broad bean tart!)

Torta tal-pastard, ġbejniet friski u ful!

For the pastry:

Mix 250g wholemeal flour with 250g plain flour;  add 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda; add 8 tbs olive oil, some salt one egg;  add some water to bind;  rest in the fridge 1 hour before using.

For the filling:

Brown two large onions, steam half a cauliflower, cut in florets;  peel one bowlful of broad beans and another of fresh peas (can also substitute with frozen peas);  butter a rectangular dish add some breadcrumbs before putting the pastry;  add more breadcrumbs on the pastry base and add as following:  the browned onions, cauliflower, beans, peas, two large fresh gbejniet crumbled, 1 grated dried gbejna (cheeselet), 100g grated cheddar, 50g grated grana padano, season well, a good grating of nutmeg (about 2 tbs);  beat 6 large eggs, season well, add 1 cupful of milk to the eggs pour on mixture add more grated cheese/gbejna on top;  cook for about 1 hour in a moderate oven (fan electric 180).


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