Summertime braġjoli (Summertime beef olives)

I am calling this variation ‘summertime’ because I experimented with summer produce for the filling, rather than the usual ham/egg/cheese/herb filling.  Besides, when I cook the traditional beef olives in winter, I cook them with peas and carrots in a thick gravy and serve them with mash…this variation is more suitable for the hot days of summer!


Trim beef slices of fat;  grill one thinly sliced aubergine till done;  layer beef as follows:  grilled aubergine slices (2/3 per slice of beef),  a slice of gruyere cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes (3 per slice of beef), one slice gammon/ham, shredded basil.  Roll up and cook in slow cooker with chopped garlic, bay leaves, beef stock and seasoning for about three hours (allow less time if cooking in a pan on hob, about 1.5 hours of simmering).  Nice served with home-made baked chips and fried/grilled green peppers with onion and garlic.



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