Stuffed roasted turkey!

Stuffed roasted turkey!

For the stuffing (for a 6 kilo bird):  one packet good quality pork sausages, skin removed, one packet chopped back bacon, one onion chopped, 500g good lean beef mince, a handful of fresh sage, parsley and thyme, chopped, 2 beaten eggs, some turkey seasoning;  mix all raw ingredients well and stuff the bird.  Cook for about one and a half hours in a large pot with one onion, two carrots, a handful of celery and one kohl rabi (gidra);  remove the bird carefully from broth, strain broth, add some fresh tortellini and serve as a starter.



Cut four onions into thick slices; grease a large dish and cover the base with the onions;  place the bird on top of that and cover with back-bacon slices;  sprinkle bird with turkey seasoning, add 2 cups white wine, two bay leaves, one large mugful of chicken stock.  Cover with foil.  Cook in a hot oven (200 fan electric/ 220 gas oven) for the first hour, lower the temperature to 170 then after two hours to 150.  Keep basting the turkey with a brush so that its flesh will remain moist.  You would need about an hour of cooking for every kilo of bird.  A pop-up timer will ensure that the bird is fully cooked.  Add a sprig of rosemary and some fresh thyme before cooking.




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