Spagetti bil-frott tal-baħar (Seafood spaghetti)!

In Malta fish is plentiful, and luckily, so is seafood!! This is a delicious and easy dish to prepare to impress family and friends!!

Fresh seafood spaghetti

Chop about six tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes;  finely chop six cloves of garlic and fry in some olive oil;  add fresh mussels, glass of white wine, 4 tbs tomato puree (kunserva), season to taste;  you may also add quarter of a teaspoon harissa paste.  Simmer for about twenty minutes, add the king prawns and simmer for another half hour or so.  Remove the seafood from pan; add one tub light cooking cream.  Boil some spaghetti al dente, mix with the sauce, add some chopped fresh herbs such as parsley and basil, and two chopped cloves of raw garlic and decorate with the seafood on top.



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