Skaloppini tal-Brunġiel (Aubergine Escalopes)

Skaloppini tal-brunġiel

Skaloppini tal-Brunġiel (Aubergine escalopes)

Skaloppini tal-Brunġiel (Aubergine escalopes)

(aubergine escalopes)  by Sandra Hammett

Slice aubergines and prepare them by sprinkling some rock salt on them and leave in a sieve for about twenty minutes for the bitter juices to be removed.  Rinse well and grill but do not brown.

Beat two eggs in a bowl;  mix together some breadcrumbs, crushed pepper, salt, and thyme in another bowl.

Make grilled aubergine sandwiches as follows:  put one slice aubergine in the bottom, top with a slice of gammon, a slice of mozzarella, a slice of tomato, cover with another aubergine slice.  Press sandwich together and then dip in beaten egg, and then in the breadcrumb mixture.  Shallow fry in some olive oil and finely chopped garlic;  alternatively these can be baked.  Serve either hot or cold with salad.

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