Risotto biz-zalzett Malti, ful u ġbejniet! (Maltese sausage, broad bean, cheeselet risotto)

Risotto biz-zalzett Malti, ful u ġbejniet

In a large pan (or wok) brown a large chopped onion, two garlic cloves chopped, 3 large Maltese sausages, 3 woody cheese sausages or similar, 3 plain woody or similar, 3 chopped rashers of back bacon; add 5 chopped tomatoes;  add a bowlful of peeled broad beans, another of fresh or frozen peas, 2 mugs rice; season well;  add 5 mugs water, one chicken stock cube, chopped fresh marjoram, 3 tbs kunserva (tomato puree); simmer for about  45 minutes or until the rice is done;  add more water if necessary.  Chop 2 peppered or herbed cheeselets, boil two large eggs and garnish the risotto with the cheeselets, eggs and more chopped marjoram.

DSCN0295DSCN0301 DSCN0301DSCN0306

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