Qarabagħli mimli msajjar fiz-zalza (stuffed courgettes slow cooked in tomato sauce)

Qarabagħli mimli fiz-zalza

Stuffing:  500g lean beef mince, one large chopped onion, two chopped spring onions (optional), chopped parsley, basil, fresh thyme, four chopped tomatoes, a handful of sultanas, 1 tbs ras-el hanut spice (or mixed spice), some courgette flesh (about one cupful, chopped), 2 eggs beaten, one cupful of raw rice, season to taste.  Mix together raw ingredients and stuff raw hollowed courgettes.  Slow cook in a tomato sauce with 6 chopped tomatoes, one chopped onion, 4 chopped cloves of garlic, seasoning for about two hours on hob or five hours in slow cooker.  Nice served on a bed of cheesy mashed potato.


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