Pudina tal-ħobż ta’ San Martin! (fat and sugar free!)

Pudina tal-ħobż ta’ San Martin

Tear some brown bread/white sliced bread or Maltese bread in pieces and add 2 mugfuls hot water;  soak and squeeze out excess fat;  add 200g sultanas, 200g pitted dates chopped, 200g chopped dried figs (which I boiled for a few minutes in some red wine in the microwave, to soften), orange and lemon zest, 4 chopped clementines (peel and all), 100g almonds, 100g walnuts, 2 tbs cinnamon, 1 tbs ground cloves, 1 tbs mixed spice, some vanilla, one chopped and peeled apple.  Mix well, and add two beaten eggs.  Bake in a lined tin for about 45 minutes or until golden brown.



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