Pina-colada pudding!(pudina tal-ħobż bajda bil-coconut)

Pina Colada pudding (Pudina tal-ħobż bajda bil-coconut)

Tear one day-old loaf of bread, crusts removed and soak in pineapple juice (taken from a tin of pineapple slices);  add 100g coconut, 2tbs sugar (or to taste), chopped pineapple slices, vanilla essence, 300ml milk, 2 tbs vanilla custard powder, half a banana sliced, 3 eggs.  Grease a dish, pour mixture in and on top place more sliced pineapple, remaining half of the sliced banana, glace cherries, and coconut flakes.  Bake in a moderate pre-heated oven (fan electric 175/gas 160) for about 30 minutes or till golden brown.  Nice served warm with a dollop of cream or cold!


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