Low-fat Zeppoli!

Low-fat Zeppoli!

Zeppoli are traditionally made using a choux pastry which is deep fried, and filled with a ricotta mixture.  This is a healthier version which I devised myself which is equally delicious!

For the batter:  450g plain flour, 300ml skimmed milk, 300ml water, 4 large eggs, some vanilla essence, 3 tbs sugar.  Mix to a smooth batter and leave to rest for one hour.

Prepare muffin tins;  add 1 tsp of oil in each.  Heat the oven to a full temperature, put the oiled muffin tins and heat the oil for around 15 minutes.  Half fill with the batter mixture and cook on a high temperature (fan electric 200 lowered to 180) for about 20 minutes or till well risen and golden brown.  Cool and split.  Prepare the ricotta filling:  1 kg of good Maltese ricotta, the zest of one lemon, orange and tangerine, 4 tbs honey, 2 tbs sugar, some vanilla essence, 4 tbs milk, 1 bar chocolate chopped, 100g crushed roasted almond.  Fill the cases with the ricotta filling, drizzle with some good Maltese honey, sprinkle more roasted crushed almonds and some icing sugar! Makes about two dozen zeppoli.





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