Insalati għal mal-laħam mixwi (salads for a bbq)

Insalati għal mal-laħam mixwi (salads for a bbq)

Prepare the following:  tomato and grilled courgette salad, grilled peppers, aubergine mozarella rolls, couscous, potato salad.

Aubergine rolls:  simply grill some thinly sliced aubergine, cool and spread with pesto, put a mozzarella ball and roll, secure with a toothpick.

Couscous:  prepare the couscous in the usual way (as instructed on the packet);  fry in some olive oil a chopped onion, pepper, cubed courgette and aubergine, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped garlic, 2 tbs ras al-hanut spice (this is a very good mixture of spices used in Arabian cooking), chickpeas;  season to taste.

Potato salad:  boil some cubed potatoes till done but still firm;  add some light salad cream, paprika, and some garam masala;  season to taste.



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