Injokki l-forn! (Baked gnocchi)

Injokki l-forn


1 kg packet of gnocchi pasta

750g rikotta

2 fresh gbejniet

a handful of chopped parsley

100g grated cheddar cheese

1 grated white dried gbejna


a grating of nutmeg

2 beaten eggs

Mix the ricotta with rest of the ingredients (minus the pasta).  Fill the pasta shells with the ricotta mixture (best way to do this put it in a clean plastic bag, cut off a small corner, and pipe in shells).  In the meantime prepare a plain tomato sauce (recipe in my blog).  Lightly grease a dish;  add a thin layer of tomato sauce; line the filled (uncooked) pasta shells; top with the rest of the tomato sauce;pour about 500ml skimmed milk over everything;  lastly add some beschamel sauce on top, plus more grated cheese.  Bake in a preheated oven (covered in foil at first, foil removed for the last 30 mins.) for about 1.5 hours.




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