Imqarrun il-forn (Baked Macaroni)

Mqarrun il-forn (Baked macaroni)

Boil 500g macaroni al dente (about ten minutes).  For the bolognaise sauce fry one chopped onion, 3 cloves chopped garlic, 4 chopped back bacon rashers, (optional, chopped chicken liver), 500g mince (I use a mix of pork and beef), 6 large chopped tomatoes, 3 tbs tomato puree, some mixed spice, seasoning, stock cube, one glass white wine, 1 tbs sugar, (optional chopped basil).  Simmer till thick.  Grill a chopped aubergine till golden and boil two eggs and slice.  Grate 200g cheddar.   Mix together the cooked pasta, sauce, grilled aubergine and boiled eggs; add two beaten eggs and half the grated cheese. Pile in a dish, sprinkle some breadcrumbs and the remaining cheddar on top, and bake for about 45 mins or till golden.  Nice served warm or cold.DSCN6537DSCN6539DSCN6541DSCN6546

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  1. Glorianne says:

    Has anyone tried freezing extra portions of mqarrun pls?

    • sandra says:

      Yes Glorianne! I do freeze extra portions; cover with foil and when reheating in the oven I like to add some milk; this helps to moisten it again, most especially if it is already cooked. You may also freeze it uncooked, again I add some milk and cook from frozen for about an hour…hope this has helped! 🙂

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