Il-ġelat tan-nanna!(Nanna’s ice-cream!)

Nanna’s icecream  by  Sandra Hammett

Freeze overnight two tins of milk (one can also use light but the result won’t be the same!);  line two plastic boxes with slices of plain vanilla cake, spread with warmed jam (I used strawberry), drizzle with Martini bianco (dry).  Beat the frozen milk with a whisk, add some vanilla and almond essence, 4 tbs sugar (or to taste), (optional:  add one tin nestle’s cream for a creamier result). Beat till thick and well risen.  Fold in some glace cherries, candied peel, and chopped plain chocolate.  Freeze once again and when solid add a top layer of crushed almonds

Il-ġelat tan-nanna!

Il-ġelat tan-nanna!


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