Gluten and dairy free smoked salmon mousse!

This is a very refreshing starter to serve at a dinner party, which is also well presented!

Ingredients:  one 500g packet of good smoked salmon slices;  100g frozen shrimps, 3 hard- boiled eggs, one peeled and deseeded beef tomato, 2 small pickled onions, zest of half a lemon, one small tin pink salmon, parsley, paprika, mayonnaise and gelatine powder.

Lightly grease six small cups (or tin foil muffin containers);  line each cup with a thin slice of smoked salmon;  in the processor whizz together 3 hard boiled eggs, one small tin pink salmon, zest of half a lemon, parsley, 4 tbs mayonnaise, 2 small pickled onions, on peeled and deseeded beef tomato.  Process till smooth;  melt 3 tbs gelatine powder in 4 tbs hot water (add more if thick);  pour gelatine onto paste and mix well;  add some smoked paprika and frozen shrimps and mix well.  Spoon the shrimp/salmon mousse mixture into the salmon lined cups;  enclose completely in salmon and cover with foil.  Chill overnight.  When ready to serve, just slide the mousse out of the cup by turning upside down.  Nice served on a bed of rocket leaves and iceberg lettuce, with some cherry tomatoes ,hard-boiled egg and lemon wedges on the side.



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