Ftira Għawdxija tal-ġobon u ġbejniet! (Gozitan cheest pizza with goats’ cheese!)

Gozitan Cheesy pizza!

This is best done using a bread dough;  you can buy it from your local baker or make your own just like I did…here’s the recipe:

Bread dough

Mix 600g plain flour and 2 sachets yeast, with 60g melted butter, 3 tbs olive oil and some salt; work into a dough.  Spread some olive oil on a work surface and kneed for about ten minutes;  rest until doubled in size then use as required!

Gozitan cheesy pizza:  line a dish with baking paper and put the bread dough on top of that;  then layer the following on the dough:  cheese slices (I used provolone spicy), ġbejniet cut in slices; one thinly sliced potato (cooked in some water in the microwave oven for about 7 mins.), one sliced onion;  sprinkle with salt and pepper, sesame seeds and fennel seeds, drizzle with olive oil.  Bake in a hot pre-heated oven (250 fan) for about 15 minutes.



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