Ftira biż-żejt! (the ultimate Maltese snack!)

Get the crunchiest ftira you can find and cut in four.  Finely chop one small onion,two cloves garlic, two tomatoes, one green pepper, one peppered ġbejna, some capers, some chopped olives, one large pickled onion, 6 sun dried tomatoes, some ġardiniera (pickled veg.), some chopped cucumber, one tin tuna, four fillets of anchovies, handful of basil leaves, some chopped fresh herbs (parsley, mint, marjoram), salt and pepper, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbs balsamic vinegar, 2 tbs olive oil.  Spread the ftira with kunserva (tomato puree), and pile on the filling…nice served on picnics or by the beach! 🙂DSCN6625DSCN6627DSCN6629DSCN6633DSCN6635

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