Ftira bil-ħaxix mixwi u l-ġbejniet (stuffed loaf with grilled veg. and goat’s cheese)

Yoghurt dough:   Mix 400g plain flour, 1 tbs bicarbonate of soda with two tubs light plain yoghurt.  Work into a dough and kneed for a few minutes.  Rest in the fridge for one hour before using.

Roll the dough to a circle larger than your dish.  Line a baking dish with baking paper….put the dough on top of that….layer with the following ingredients:  sliced white ġbejna, grilled green peppers with garlic, fried/grilled chopped onion, grilled sliced courgette, 2 sliced beef tomotoes, 3 sliced small pickled onions, 2 sliced pepper ġbejniet, 6 sun dried tomatoes, one small sliced and grilled aubergine, sliced cheese (edam or cheddar), shredded basil.  Fold the edges of the ftira over the toppings and pleat;  brush with beaten egg and sprinkle some sesame seeds; pour the remaining beaten eggs onto the vegetable filling. Bake in a hot preheated oven (lowered to 200 fan oven) for about 30 minutes.  The last ten minutes or so put at the bottom of the oven to make sure the base is cooked nice and crisp.  This is so delicious eaten hot or cold.


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