Fruity bread pudding!

Fruity bread pudding!

Ingredients:  a day old loaf of bread, one ripe banana, two apples, two clementines, two kiwis, one tin of light milk, sugar (to taste), vanilla drops, 50g melted margerine, 2 eggs.

Method:  tear up bread and soak in some hot water and the milk.  Beat by hand and add the sugar and vanilla, then add half of the fruit which is peeled and chopped into bite-sized pieces.  Add the eggs and beat.  Grease a dish and put a layer of the mixture, add a layer of strawberry jam, and pour the rest of the pudding mix.  Arrange the rest of the fruit in a nice pattern and scatter two tbs of sugar and dot with margerine.  Bake in a moderate oven (170 lowered to 150 after 15 mins. electric fan oven) for about an hour.  Nice served with warm custard!



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