Festive Buffet

Festive Buffet

This type of meal is especially ideal if you are entertaining a large number of people, and although you  would have spent days cooking, during the meal you can relax with your guests and enjoy the meal!

Pot Roasted Beef

Buy a large cut of beef (around 3 kilos);  brown on all sides in a water less pan;  add one litre of beef stock, some worchester sauce, chopped garlic (about 4 cloves), 2 bay leaves, one glass of wine;  simmer till all liquid is absorbed (about 2/3 hrs);  cool and slice.

DSCN0133 (4)089

Slow cooked pork loin

This can also be pot roasted in the same way as the beef above;  if using a slow cooker, cook for about 4/5 hours;  first drizzle with some soy sauce and one can of beer, then rub the pork with the following:  1 tbs mixed spice, 1 tbs crushed coriander, 1 tbs mustard seed, 1 tsp ground cloves,salt, pepper, 3 bay leaves;  simmer till browned.  Cool and slice.


Turkey croquettes (pulpetti tad-dundjan)

Process till well combined the following:  about 500g cooked left over turkey, 1 large onion, 1 slice of bread, 1 tbs turkey seasoning, 1 tbs cajun spice, 1 egg to bind;  form into small patties, then in a bowl combine some breadcrumbs, 1 tbs turkey seasoning, 1 tbs cajun spice, salt and pepper, 2 tbs sesame seeds;  freeze till needed and then cook in a moderate oven drizzled with some oil till well browned (you will need to turn them over halfway cooked).


Ham in apple jelly

This is a very refreshing terrine made with gammon;  cut the gammon into wide strips;  peel, core and slice one tart apple;  chop one onion;  in a pan simmer 700 ml apple juice, add the chopped onion, and 2 cloves (optional) add one ham stock cube (or chicken), but do not boil;  when on the point of boiling, remove from heat and add two small jars of gelatine powder (around 40 g);  ; line a loaf tin with cling film;  layer the gammon slices, add chopped parsley, the sliced apples and top with the liquid;  continue layering and adding the liquid and finish with the gammon and parsley;  bring the cling film together to have the terrine completely closed up;  chill for at least 24 hours;  to assemble:  line a dish with rocket leaves, add some slices of good Maltese oranges, take one orange and prick all over with cloves;  put the terrine in the middle of the dish and slice when ready to serve.

DSCN0154DSCN0158 (2)


Red cabbage and sprouts frittata

This is a good way of using left-over vegetables from Christmas day lunch;  simply add the cooked red cabbage and sprouts (mine were seasoned with onion, bacon and nuts);  beat 3 eggs mix together and season well, top with some sunflower seeds, and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes; cool and cut into squares.

DSCN0138 (3)094


Broccoli and blue cheese frittata

Steam some broccoli (about 8 florets is fine);  saute one chopped onion, leek; beat 3 eggs mix together the broccoli, the sauted onions, eggs, 50g grated cheddar cheese,some parmesan; season well;  pour mixture in a greased, lined dish (with baking paper), crumble some blue cheese on top, and sprinkle with more grated cheddar;  bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes;  cool and cut into squares.

DSCN0139 (3)091


Spinach and white sauce frittata

Microwave some spinach cubes (about 5) for a few minutes;  mix the cooked spinach with one small packet of bechamel (or use some left over white sauce);  add 3 eggs beaten, one chopped cooked onion, leek, a good grating of nutmeg, season well, grated cheddar cheese and feta cheese (or white gbejna);  pour into a greased dish sprinkle more grated cheese and bake for about 30 minutes.

DSCN0136 (4)090



Vermicelli slice

Boil 200g vermicelli;  saute one chopped onion, leek, spring onion, 2 cloves garlic, one fresh garlic with 1 pkt chopped lean bacon;  beat 3 large eggs and mix the cooked pasta with the onion/bacon mix;  season well, add chopped parsley, 100g grated cheddar cheese, some parmesan;  assemble in a greased dish, sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs, and more grated cheese, and bake in a moderate oven for about 3o minutes; cool and slice.

DSCN0135 (4)092


Pate de foie (chicken liver pate)

Saute in some butter 500g chicken liver;  add one chopped onion, 5 cloves chopped garlic, fresh chopped garlic, 1 pkt lean chopped bacon;  add a dash of soy sauce, season well;  when browned, cool and liquidise  with some parsley,add some hot water and some melted butter (this is important to set the pate);  add a dash of brandy;  cool and serve with either brown toast or focaccia. (The pate is in the heart-shaped dish in the pic below).




Sieve 500g plain flour;  add one sachet instant yeast, 1 tbs sugar,1 tsp salt,  5 tbs olive oil a good handful chopped sage; mix well; add 350 ml of tepid water and mix into a dough;  add some flour as you kneed the dough if it is too sticky; shape in 2 balls and allow to rise in a warm area, till doubled in size, in a clean, oiled bow;  line a dish with baking paper;  flatten the first ball and stretch the dough thinly;  repeat with the second ball to completely cover the first layer;  flatten slightly and add a good sprinkling coarse sea-salt, dot with fresh rosemary sprigs and thyme, drizzle with more olive oil, leave to rest for about 30 minutes; preheat the oven to the fullest setting and bake for about 20 minutes or till golden.


The buffet



Also seen in the picture above:  cumin spiced potatoes (recipe in the blog) and stuffed olives.

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