Different versions of Stuffed Baked Peppers!

Different versions of Stuffed baked Peppers!

Here are two very nice alternatives for stuffed peppers!

Coronation chicken stuffed peppers

For the filling:  shallow fry 500g chopped chicken breast tenderloin, 1 chopped onion, 1 tbs curry powder, 3 tbs good mango chutney, 2 bay leaves, 100g cashew nuts, season well;  lastly add 1 tub low fat cream.  Cut the peppers in half, remove seeds, fill with the chicken mixture, drizzle with some oil and bake  covered in foil for about 45 minutes in a moderate oven (180 lowered to 150 fan electric);  remove foil for the last 15 minutes to brown the top.  Serve with rice and chopped parsley.

DSCN9285 DSCN9286 DSCN9289


Peppers stuffed with a grain filling

Shallow fry one chopped onion, half an aubergine cubed, 100g walnuts, 2 tbs ras el hanout spice, 75g sultanas;  prepare 100g of couscous or bulghur wheat in the usual way (buy the instant ones where you just have to add hot water and seasoning leave for about 5 minutes, then seperate the grains with a fork).  Mix the cooked couscous with the fried veg,;  season well (you may also add a veg cube with the couscous);  fill the peppers, on top add some breadcrumbs and slivered almonds, season and drizzle with oil.  Cook for about 30 minutes in a moderate oven (180 lowered to 150 fan electric oven).  This is nice served with grilled chicken.


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