Brunġiel mimli bil-faqqiegħ (Aubergines stuffed with mushrooms)


Aubergines (or Marrows) stuffed with mushrooms! By Sandra Hammett

Recipe: Saute some chopped onions, few cloves garlic, chopped pancetta, gammon in a bit of olive oil…add some of the aubergine (and marrow) flesh….season with salt and crushed pepper, thyme, chopped parsley….. add half a cup flour and mix to a roux;  add 1 mug of skimmed milk and one veg. stock cube;  stir to a thick sauce; later add some chopped fresh mushrooms and some parmesan. Grill slightly the aubergines (and marrows) whole for a few minutes then fill with the stuffing….sprinkle with some coarse breadcrumbs, grated cheddar, parmesan and pepper….bake on a bed of potatoes, onions, garlic, seasoning, fennel seeds, some mixed spice….a very tasty alternative to the normal mince stuffing!!

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