Brodu tat-tiġieġa

Brodu tat-tiġieġa  (Chicken broth)

Stuffing for the chicken:  500g sausage meat (buy good quality pork and beef sausages and remove their skin)

500g lean beef mince

one chopped onion

some thyme, chopped parsley and chopped fresh sage

a handful of cranberries (optional but nicer!)

seasoning, one egg to bind.

Mix all together and stuff the chicken;  I try to use free-range or corn-fed chicken for best results.  In a large pan add some celery stalks and leaves, one large onion quartered, 2 large carrots cut in large chunks, one kohl rabi (ġidra) cut in large cubes, one leek cut in large chunks, fill with water add two chicken stock cubes add whole chicken and simmer on a low heat for about two hours.  Strain the soup to be left with a clear broth;  add either tortellini or vermicelli (noodles).  The chicken can be slightly roasted (for about 20 minutes) till golden and serve with chips or roast potatoes.


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