Braġolun….Stuffed beed roll!

Braġolun…Beef Roll by Sandra Hammett

Fry in some olive oil 4 beaten eggs, mixed with chopped basil or parsley, some grated parmesan and seasoning;  this amount should yield two large omelettes.  Overlap  4 large slices of beef to form one large square, place omelette on top of beef, then gammon slices, two sliced tomatoes, and one sliced herbed ġbejna (cheeselet).  Form into a roll and tie up with a string.  Two rolls should be enough to serve five or six persons.  Heat a waterless pan well and brown each roll slightly; add a dash of soy sauce;  then pour one glass white wine and one mugful of beef stock, plus two bay leaves and simmer for about 1.5 hours till liquid is absorbed by the rolls;  add more water if necessary.  Cool and then slice up and serve with plain boiled rice and a plain tomato sauce.  Alternatively, it may be served cold as part of a buffet, with couscous and salads.

Braġolun...Stuffed beef rollDSCN6442



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