Banoffi style bread pudding!

Banoffi style bread pudding!

This is another creation of mine when I was left with loads of bread…this is the yummie result!


one load stale bread

one tin caramel

one large banana

3 tbs nutella

2 eggs

one mugful of milk

4 tbs demerara sugar

one tbs butter

Method:  Tear the bread in pieces;  soak in the melted butter and warm milk.add some hot water;  add sugar, some vanilla drops, and mix in the beaten eggs.  Grease a dish and layer the bottom with the bread mixture; top with a layer of caramel, chopped banana, and drizzle some melted nutella;  repeat layers but also add some flaked almonds and once again drizzle with the nutella.  Bake in a moderate oven (fan electric 175) for about 45 minutes or till golden!


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