Qassatat tal-Ghid


For pastry:
  • Half kilo flour
  • Packet of margarine or a little less
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Teaspoon yeast
  • Some warm water
For filling:
  • 8 goat cheese moist, grated
  • 4 fresh goat cheese (best if they are bought
    2 days before so they are a little dry)
  • 3/4 eggs
  • Pepper
  • Currants for those who like - optional


Sieve flour together with salt. Cut the margarine in cubes and knead with flour, till the mixture looks like breadcrumbs.
Melt the yeast in a glass with a little warm water, make a whole in the middle of the flour, pour the melted yeast and knead.
Keep adding warm water little by little till need be, cover and leave for two hours.
Crush the fresh cheese and mix it with all the ingredients. It is important that mixture does not become liquid, so it’s better to pour eggs one by one, and use depending on the density of the mixture.
Cut pastry in sizeable portions, open with a lembuba(pleat/rolling pin), pour a spoonful of mixture on it and close the pastry.
Brush the egg yolk on the pastry and bake in very warm oven until golden.
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