Iced Coffee


  • 1 cup good quality whole coffee
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Sugar
  • Whipped cream as garnish (optional)


    1. If you want it ready made at home it needs time to be ready as usually it is left overnight or 10 to 8 hours in the refrigerator. However for those coffee enthusiasts, it is certainly worth the wait as it is definitely mouth-watering.
    2. First of all you have to brew the coffee which will consist of one cup good-quality whole coffee beans and ½ cup of cold or room-temperature water. Fresh-ground beans will obviously be better and have superior taste.
    3. It would be better if the amount of coffee you put will be stronger than usual, as when it is iced the strong flavour of the coffee will lose its flavour.
    4. You will need a pitcher and then commence grinding the coffee beans in a bowl.
    5. Then insert the water and start stirring well so as to moisten the beans.
    6. As it is still hot put the amount of sugar you would like, because if you put it after the coffee is cold the sugar will not dissolve properly.
    7. Cover the coffee and refrigerate overnight (12 hours).
    8. Next, you have to separate the ground from the cold-brewed coffee by using a sieve and sometimes a cheese cloth to make sure that no piece of coffee will enter into the bowl. Only then can you pour the coffee on top of a glass filled with ice since if you pour the hot coffee on ice it will result in the coffee being watered too much.

    To enhance this iced coffee you can add milk, whipped cream, almond or vanilla extract, and chocolate syrup. You could also add liquid sweetener or coffee ice cubes which you can make by freezing some coffee ahead of time in an ice cube tray. If you’re entertaining friends you can use a cocktail shaker to mix it more thoroughly. Iced Coffee is the perfect beverage for those who love coffee but find the summer weather too hot for them to take it so they opt for iced coffee instead.

Difficulty: Medium

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