How to flavour olive oil using dried herbs


1. Choose and prepare your herbs: choose from rosemary or thyme, basil, tarragon, oregano, bay leaves, parsley, mint, and more. If you have not bought your herbs ready-dried from a shop, you will need to dry them yourself by gently rinsing your fresh herbs, patting them dry, tying them in bunches with string and hanging them upside down in an airy but quite warm room for a few weeks, until the stalks no longer bend, but break.

2. Select bottles or containers that can be tightly sealed. Sterilize by placing these containers in boiling water for 10 minutes, after which they must be dried completely.

3. Fill the bottle/container up to a quarter full with your dried herbs and top with extra virgin olive oil, using a small funnel if necessary.

4. Close tightly and leave to infuse in a dark place, away from heat, for around a month before using. Using this method, your flavored olive oils can be kept up to one year.
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