Gbejniet By Georgina Lawrence


  • Warm 1 gallon of Whole Milk
  • Two cups dried milk
  • About 2 tbs salt


Warm 1 gallon of Whole Milk, two cups dried milk and about 2 tbs salt (to taste) till about 98 degrees. Take the pot off the stove and add 4 crushed Rennet Junket Tablets. Stir (not too much) and let set for three hours.

Fill baskets to the top and place on a non metallic surface over a pan to catch the whey. Store them in the refrigerator overnight.

Then there is the whole process of airing them dry outside for a few days and finally putting them in a little bit of oil and malt vinegar. Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any questions...but know that I am new at this too :)
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4 Responses to Gbejniet By Georgina Lawrence

  1. Emanuel Tonna says:

    I am very interested in making gbejniet tal-bzar. What surprised me with your recipe is the dried milk, why do you include this? Also you mentioned to ‘catch the whey’, this would be the water draining from the small baskets. Do you use the whey for anything?

    I have also read on the internet about ‘cheese hurdles’ made by a cane-maker. Are they referring to the small wicker baskets now replaced with plastic ones?

    Can you provide me with the old traditional recipe and method where sea water was used instead of the rennet(junket) tablets?

    I shall be very much obliged if you reply

  2. Georgina Lawrence says:

    This is a recipe shared with me by my friend. When I tried eliminating the powdered milk, I found that the cheese did not set at all. I have friends who do not use the powdered milk and they have no problem with setting. Let us know if you have good results without the powdered milk should you try it. This is how we learn 🙂

  3. carmen says:

    hi my son is living in Margret River Australia.He would like to make the gbejniet.From where does he can buy the rennets ?

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