• 20 cream crackers,
  • 200 grms Hazel nuts,
  • 2tblsps cocoa,
  • 4tblsp drinking Choc,
  • 6 egg whites,
  • 200grm caster sugar,
  • 2tsp vanilla,
  • 2tsp melted margarine or butter.


Crush the crackers in a blender. add the nuts and crush with the pulse button so not to crush them too much, just chopped small.

Add the cocoa & the choc, mix well. Beat the egg whites and sugar till its soft white and slightly stiff(xkuma)

Add the vanilla and beat for 1 minute. fold in the mixture of nuts and cocoa. fold in in batches so it won't go flat & be quick in doing so.

Add the melted butter and fold till its all in.

Bake it in a spring form dish that is greased with butter and bake on gas 5(moderate oven) for 30 minutes. you know when ready cause the sides will shrink a bit from the tin. I covered it with Chocolate Ganache!

The famous mouth watering baci cake