Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil 

Olive oil has always been known for boosting strength and youth.  In ancient Greece, Rome and Egyptthey would infuse it with grasses and flowers to produce both cosmetics and medicine. Aromatics like fennel, sesame, celery, mint and rose were added to the oil to make ointments

Olive oil can help to break down harmful cholesterol levels, though it does have quite high calorific content.  As with everything else, moderation is key, and relying on olive oil for eating and cooking is certainly a healthy replacement for butter and fatty dressings.

Olive oil, unlike many other oils and fats, is easy on the digestion.  Ancient Greeks and Romans believed in the importance of a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil first thing in the morning to boost digestion.  Gudrun Jonsson, author of the Gut Reaction Eating Plan, gives a good recipe for a lemon and olive oil drink: Just mix a quarter of a medium-sized lemon with one tablespoon of olive oil and 300-450ml apple juice or water.

Nails, cuticles, hair and skin glow with rejuvenated health when regularly massaged with olive oil. This is one of the oldest beauty tricks of all time, as perhaps it is true that tried and tested methods are best. Try scenting the oil with aromatic herbs like rosemary or lavender, this combination commonly used in modern spas with various treatments.