Traditional Maltese Figolli

Under normal circumstances, Easter would conjure images of large, coloured, bunny-shaped Easter eggs and other sweets.  Malta presents its unique Easter delicacy: The Figolla.  Probably influenced by the Latin word ‘Figura’ – a form, shape or image, these pastries filled with almond paste are a well-loved tradition during Easter.

Figolli are typically shaped around figures of butterflies, rabbits or hearts, and covered with icing of different colours topped with a chocolate egg.  This tradition is loved by one and all, particularly Maltese children, who wake eagerly on Easter Sunday in anticipation of the day’s festivities as well as the excitement of finally being able to taste their Figolla after much restraint throughout Lent.

Where and when can Figolli be eaten?

 Tradition states that Figolli should not be eaten during Lent; people’s sugar cravings thus catered for by the delicious Kwarezimal.  The first bite into a Figolla should be taken on Easter Sunday itself.  Yet Figolli of all shapes and sizes set on beautiful displays are on sale at supermarkets, confectioners and cafes in Malta throughout the entire Easter period.

Figolli are undoubtedly found in almost every Maltese household, and should be enjoyed alongside a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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A fun interesting video on how to make Maltese figolli
Try this with friends or with your kids!

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